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The new Fabarm L4S Sporting semi-automatic. This could very well be your next new gun. The return spring is housed under the forearm.

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The massive piston and gas chamber on the barrel are coated with titanium nitride for greater rust and corrosion resistance. A full profile of the right side of the L4S Sporting. This shotgun is a looker with its red features and sleek lines. The L4S has its oversize bolt release on the left side of the receiver. But, if I had to be brutally honest, and someone asked me which design I shoot better, I would have to say the semi-autos.

Why is that? I have thought about this and would tell you softer recoil is one reason. But the semi-autos are hard to beat in the recoil department. I am not sure exactly how to describe it. The best description I can come up with is more confidence in the move I am making onto the bird.

Fabarm AXIS RS 12 Sporting and QRR

The semi-auto just seems to give me a stronger sense of surety. Recently I tested a new model, the L4S Sporting from the Italian gunmaker, Fabarm, that gave me that same feeling of certainty on the target I normally only feel when shooting my personal semi-automatic guns.

The L4S Sporting came to me configured with a 30" barrel on top of which is a beautifully machined ventilated rib with a full-length center groove and a 3mm Bradley-style white bead at the muzzle. I have mentioned this style of vent rib many times in my gun reviews.

Fabarm Shotguns for sale

It is my favorite design of rib for a shotgun. The chrome-lined bore, chamber and barrel tang are not only highly resistant to rust and corrosion but also a bit easier to deal with come time to clean your bore and chokes.

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Typical of most screw-in chokes that accompany shotguns these days, they extend beyond the muzzle with a knurled head notched for a supplied choke wrench. The Fabarm Exis HP chokes are nearly 4" long and are made of stainless steel. The designations of the choke constriction can be found on the knurled extended head in a numeric callout and on the body of the choke reading Skeet, Imp. These choke tubes are designed with a unique internal geometry that works to improve not only pattern density and uniformity but velocity and penetration as well.

Combined with the Tribore HP inside diameter of the L4S barrel, the result is a soft-shooting gun that crushes clay targets and is fully capable of turning a dove, chukar, grouse or pheasant inside out. This system makes use of a gas chamber attached to the barrel, a heavy-duty gas piston, hard-chromed action rails and high-strength return spring housed within the confines of the forearm.

The gas chamber and gas piston are PVD coated with titanium nitride for greater reliability and increased wear resistance. The Pulse Piston used in the L4S Sporting uses a version of the piston that does not have the heavy Neoprene cushioning ring around it. This is used in the field grade 3" chambered semi-automatic Fabarm guns likely to use heavier-pressured loads.

The ring would in those cases expand when the gases are bled out of the barrel into the gas chamber and essentially slow down the action rod by means of the friction fit under pressure against the gas chamber walls, thus lessening the rearward impact of the mechanism.

This system works and works well. The L4S is a comfortable gun to shoot.

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The receiver of the L4S is made from high-strength aluminum and it, like all Fabarm guns, are proofed at a level higher than other Italian guns.

This level of proof testing has been used by Fabarm since Impressive, when you think of it. That is more than 23, lbs. The mag capacity reducer or plug can be easily removed or returned into the mag tube if necessary. This process infuses the European walnut and accentuates the color and grain of the wood, as well as giving it a tough outer surface very resistant to scratches and tears.

One of the first things you notice about the new Fabarm L4S Sporting is how good the wood looks.We listen to hunters and shooters and convey their messages to our engineers to push our products to be the best.

Fabarm STL Sporter

Our products are made with the finest Turkish walnut and Italian steel materials using the latest technology. Melded together by artisans and craftsmen, the results are beautiful Italian shotguns meant to last under the most demanding environments. The answer is yes, but we can do better.

The new Velocity LR has an innovative ramp style fixed rib that starts at the back of the receiver giving the shooter the maximum length sighting plane for better target acquisition and tracking.

The bottom line is that a better sight picture equals more broken targets. This rib is 11mm wide at the receiver and 9mm wide at the muzzle. It features a style of matting the filing on the upper surface of the rib done to reduce annoying glare that I happen to find very attractive and functional. A Bradley style white bead was mounted at the muzzle. In my range testing the POI adjustments at the rib were done almost on the fly and were easy to accomplish.

A matte silver titanium finish model is available. Joe Cunniffe informed me the engraving pattern of the black matte finished XLR5 will be re-styled in production versions. This gives the eye a smoother transition from the receiver back to the top of and down the rib. Competitive shooters using the XLR5 Velocity will enjoy the over-size cocking handle that comes standard.

Both right-hand and left-hand models will be offered. Left-hand models will retain the left-side bolt-release button. You can remove shell from the chamber by pulling the bolt handle back without releasing a shell from the magazine tube. Shells in mag tube can be emptied by pushing in the carrier and pressing the shell latch against the wall of receiver. Fired shells are ejected out the right side of the gun left-hand models out to the left but slightly downward and in front of the shooter.

A strong spring positioned around the magazine tube returns the bolt to battery with more than sufficient power and speed. Press enter to begin your search. Pacific Sporting Arms — West W.Fabarm have a reputation for innovation. They certainly make some interesting and attractive guns using high-tech methods I am a particular fan of their 4 lump side by side.

fabarm stl sporting

The STL VS is no exception, first impressions of it are very good, not least because of the tough-looking aluminium travel case in which it is presented. The gun definitely has the wow factor. It was all quite flash, but not over the top. Not quite. The Italians seem to love this stylistic stuff. One has to acknowledge that they are masters of it.

Beauty is as beauty does. On bringing the STL to the shoulder, my first thoughts on the handling were very positive.

Sporting shotguns

The gun feels solid and is comfortable with regard to grip, forend and comb shapes. The grip filled the hand and had a very slight palm swell. I noted that the rib had a slight taper and was equipped with a HiViz front sight. This comes with a variety of interchangeable inserts.

Indeed, the STL is a gun-nuts dream, in a number of respects. As well as the Hi Viz sights, it comes equipped with no fewer than than 8, titanium coated Exis chokes tubes. Fabarm seem determined to increase the perceived value of their product by such touches. Time to put the gun on the test bench. Bore diameter is marked at They are made by a deep drilling process rather than hammer forging. Fabarm claims this reduces stress in the metal I have no opinion on this, but they have got me thinking!

This combines a lengthened forcing cone with a back-bored section in the first part of the bore. It gradually contracts in diameter to The makers claim a ballistic advantage to the system. The barrels are well put together. They are, of course, monobloc. Internal and external presentation is good, blacking is excellent. The interchangeable chokes are nicely machined and of the parallel type as favoured by older British gunmakers rather than the conic section as made famous by Nigel Teague.

The parallel section is only about 10mm. There is nothing earth shattering about the action design. It is a typical modern Italian design with split hinge pins combined with a Browning style, full-width, bolting arrangement.Fabarm XLR 5 Velocity, 3 years old. With case and 5 chokes Skeet, imp. Adjustable stock and rib. The balance and handling are certainly suited to either clay or field use…. A gun that would make a great choice for either clay shooting or for field shooting - in particular pigeons or other vermin such as crows, rabbits or rats.

The gun…. Steel proofed to shooting steel shot through ALL chokes. Very reliable semi-auto. Superb condition with dedicated left hand action, high gloss woodwork with Q D sling swivels, 3" magnum and super steel proofed. Comes with makers case, owners manual and Fabarm gun socks AS NEW - Still under warranty - 3 years remaining Not shot more than a cartridges, just recently be full serviced by Caesar Guerini UK and had ejector springs replaced Lovely….

Slim and ligtweight the L4S Black Hunter is a perfect upland shotgun. Its rounded shape,its pure design with smooth lines,the forend perfectly intergrated into the frame make it incredibly fast on targets. The Pulse Piston and its perfect balance…. Pre owned Fabarm multi choke 3" steel proofed side by side. Comes with five chokes. The Syren range was created to be the perfect target shotgun for everyone from beginners up to the top echelon of competitors.

Fabarm went to great lengths to make sure they have created a shotgun that will fit the average female shooter better…. Satin-black action with its minimalist engraving is adorned with two-tone logos. Ergonomic stock includes an adjustable, satin-black, lacquered walnut comb, providing real shooting comfort and facilitating cheek-contact with shooters.

The …. Little used with a few light marks on the stock. Used for a few game days a year. Comes with 4 chokes and key. Complete with case. Lovely gun in very good condition 9.

Sold as spares only - Forend metalwork loose on barrels also crack in forend around the screws. Barrels and action and stock sound. As new condition, has fired approx cartridges. Purchase with confidence from a family run business with over 30 years experience. For further…. We offer a comprehensive gun fitting service with all of our guns, any necessary alterations being carried out in our workshop on site and within the price.

The gun is sold with a full 12 month mechanical warranty. Ex demoOnly shot once Comes with 4 x chokes and case Any gun can be transferred to your local Rfd Ask there permission first!

I excellent condition.I recently had the chance to shoot the STL at a ground near Brescia in Italy, when I was making a visit to the Fabarm factory — a serious concern making nearly 30, sporting shotguns a year — far more than I had imagined. It never ceases to amaze me just how many guns are being made in Brescia today. Where do they all go?

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Then you have smaller, but still significant concerns, like Fausti, and Caesar Guerini who are still making very large numbers by British standards.

I doubt if all the British makers put together produce more than guns these days. Returning to the test gun, the STL caught my eye when Fabarm were making a presentation to my party of journalists and UK based dealers at the factory. I have shot an STL before and been impressed with its looks and performance.

The gun is conventional, but exceptionally well presented with nice action decoration and good finish not to mention coming complete with an aluminium flight case.

I am not giving too much of the game away if I note that it is a solid, well specified, piece of kit. The design is in all respects competent. The gun gives the impression of quality. The silver polished, scroll engraved, action is decorated with tasteful gold inlays and blue enamel inlays. The action fences are nicely carved by machine of course.

It all looks very smart. The real wood of the stock is also well figured and particularly well chequered by laser.

The stock itself is classically shaped with a good comb and a large, quite tightly radiused, pistol grip. The forend is of schnabel style. Tri-Bore and Hyperbolic. I am a fan of both back-boring and long chokes, so you will get no complaints from me. The barrel shop in the Fabarm factory is particularly impressive and one of the few departments that does not rely on high-tech machinery. The monobloc barrels on the STL were well constructed and fitted with a 10 mm vented sighting rib and vented joining ribs.

The long chambers were well machined, and lead to elongated forcing cones. Jointing to the monobloc was good save for a tiny gap in the rib section. Jointing of barrels to action was excellent. Blacking was very good too. My only quibble concerned the large, bright red, translucent front bead. Some people love these, but they do not float my boat at all.Fabarm established its name in the UK with field and game shotguns — semi-autos as well as side-by-sides and over-and-unders.

Its UK presence got a boost recently when another Italian gunmaker, Caesar Guerini, took a major share in the company.

That led to new models and a change of distributor. First impressions So what do we make of the new Sporter? The first thing to catch your eye is that rib.

It is attached to the barrels by screws and lugs at each end, and cannot be adjusted for height — it is fixed at 20mm above the top barrel tube. A soft insert reduces the vibration of the rib on firing. The next thing you notice is the Monte-Carlo style stock, fitted with a cheekpiece that is parallel along its length, rather than being angled downwards as on most guns. This is usually associated with high-shooting Trap guns, and looks odd at first on a Sporter.

This stock is matched to the rib so the gun shoots to the same point of impact as most standard Sporters. We tested it at South Worcester Shooting Ground with a precision laser device used for gun fitting by senior coach Tony Harber.

This showed that both barrels shot about three inches high at 15 yards, which will put the pattern between a half and two-thirds above the barrel line at 40 yards — ideal for Sporting clays. When you first try a high-rib gun it can seem a bit imposing — will it dominate your view of the target?

Those fears are soon dispelled. They enjoyed shooting the Fabarm, and found it required little if any change to their usual technique with their own, conventional guns. The high stock-rib arrangement means you hold your head more upright, helping with peripheral vision and giving your eyes more chance to operate to the full — especially tired or older ones!

The STL is heavy enough to feel solid and not flighty but it also handles well. The balance is slightly forward, which can help with steadiness on longer targets. The stock shape and dimensions made for a comfortable, smooth shooting gun with minimal felt recoil. This was enhanced by the right-handed palm swell, fine chequering and 22mm Sporter-style rubber recoil pad with rounded top. Action Fabarm over-and-unders follow the same fundamental design used by several guns from the Brescia region of Northern Italy.

There are two sturdy trunnions hinge pins mounted in the sidewalls of the receiver. These connect and hinge the barrels to the receiver. When closed, the barrels are locked by a full width, Browning-style bolt under the bottom barrel. The latest STL Competition has some interesting differences from earlier models. The receiver body, still machined from steel forgings, has been strengthened and is now made in two parts instead of three.

fabarm stl sporting

The lower receiver tang extension and rear upright that joins top and bottom tangs are now a single forging — a feature carried over from the Axis design. The locking bolt is now made from a steel forging for added strength, and the angle of its engagement faces has been modified. Fabarm has improved the looks of the gun, with a rounded and slightly conical profile to the receiver body.

fabarm stl sporting

It is slimmer at the hinge pin end than the rear, and is complemented with curved sideplates. This profile gives an elegant appearance that is also very strong. These are complex shapes to produce. Such features are normally found in far more expensive handcrafted guns, and Fabarm is proud to offer such an intricate profile in a machine-made gun.Log in or Sign up.

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Please take a moment to check out the thread here: Trapshooters. Fabarm problem Previous Thread Next Thread. Joined: Oct 15, Messages: 1, Not much response in the Gunsmithing section so thought I'd try it here; My Fabarm Velocity XLR5 has been a flawless performer for about 15, rounds, but in the last few weeks has developed the habit of not feeding the second shell in doubles correctly maybe 2 or 3 times out of a hundred.

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It doesn't seem to be ammo dependent, as it happens with different brands of new shells as well as my reloads. I can't say that it is related to cleaning and lubing, because I do this thoroughly after nearly every outing. It always ends up with the shell in the position in the photo. APriceApr 10, Remove Advertisement.

Joined: Apr 20, Messages: 1, Take the breech bolt out and make sure that the extractor is not broken or sticking. Possibly a good cleaning will help. APrice and KS-5 Spec. Joined: Mar 31, Messages: 1, For some reason the shell is not being lifted straight up into place so that the rim is not under the extractor.